#opVendetta  (#opV) – On November 5, 2012 in cities across the world, men and women will mobilize and make their voices heard.


Prior Operations:

Art has always held a power of expression and communication. Using a variety of artistic media, we subvert the mainstream messages of conformity and silence. Use your voice! Speak out through your artwork and share the messages of Freedom and Liberty. Expose the corrupt for who they are and what they’re after. The whole world is your canvas.

We are Anonymous. We are #INCOM. For those who would like to help organize for November 5, 2012, this is our platform for connection and interaction. Join in the discussions on strategy, organization, and op implementation. This is our staging ground, right in the King’s own forest.

We are The People and we maintain a presence among our communities. By marching together and keeping a visible presence on the streets, we stand with our fellow citizens in protest to the crimes of our government. This is a very simple, but effective op. March with us!

Communication is an important part of The Plan. Planning, coordinating, and executing effective ops requires secure channels for discussion and communiques.

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