Letter to Anonymous allegedly from hacker Jeremy Hammond’s mother emerges.

A lengthy letter appeared in a pastebin document today which plead with Anonymous to, among other things, withdraw aggression towards @AnonymouSabu. The letter offers a “lulz to you” as salutations and was signed ‘Rose Collins’ who identifies herself as the mother of Jeremy Hammond, or Anarchaos as he is known to Anonymous. The first numbered statement in the letter simply asks:  “If you are legion, do you have attorneys among you? If so, please send one to help Jeremy.”

The letter also suggests that Sabu’s image is the victim of government and media manipulation, offering only the fact that the FBI publicized his cooperation as proof. The author says that to “rip [Sabu] to shreds” would be hypocritical based on the injustices Anonymous has stood against in the past.

‘Rose’ had this to say about the Stratfor release: “…if the data stolen from Stratfor was indeed held on a server controlled by the FBI, the data is definitely compromised and therefore useless to the cause of transparency you wish.” She also poses the question: “Who are you to decide that all government secrets must be exposed?”

The last statement of the letter attempts to persuade Anonymous to focus its attention on politicians, as opposed to “Wall Street Fatcats.” It ends with a rhetorical question, asking if Anonymous itself is “susceptible to propaganda.”

[LINK] Click here to read the letter. 

[LINK] Click here to support Jeremy Hammond. 


“Jeremy Hammond (born December 1985) is a political activist from Chicago charged in a criminal complaint with crimes relating to the December 2011 hack of Strategic Forecasting, Inc. (Stratfor). He is the founder of the computer security training website HackThisSite, created in 2003 following his graduation from Glenbard East High School. On March 5, 2012, Hammond was arrested by FBI agents in Bridgeport, Chicago ahead of an indictment unsealed the following day in the Lower Manhattan federal district court. He is one of six individuals from the United States, England and Ireland indicted, due to a cooperating witness known online as Sabu.”

Source: @Wikipedia.


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