Anonymous dox of MP Laurie Hawn

 of the National Post reported earlier today:

“Searching for Anonymous Hacker who targeted Toews could be ‘waste of time,’ House commitee hears.”

The article revealed that Conservative Member of Parliament, Laurie Hawn from Edmonton, Albany had a few less than cordial things to say about Anonymous:  “Anonymous is a coward…” he followed that statement by claiming,  “They’re like the Taliban. We’re never going to run out of them.”

Anonymous immediate released a dox of MP Laurie Hawn’s information.

The hearing took place after Public Safety Minister Vic Toews was the subject of an Anonymous YouTube video after he introduced Bill C-30 or the “Protecting Children from Internet Predators Act.” The bill’s title is reminiscent of US Bill  HR1981:  

“Protecting Children From Internet Pornographers Act of 2011” which also uses language intended to disguise the true purpose of the legislation and make it easier for elected officials to get behind.

A twitter account (@Vikileaks30) recently released numerous details about Minister Vic Toews’ extra-marital affair, love child and intercourse with a babysitter. The account has since been deleted. According to, the IP Address connected to the account originated within the House of Commons.

Dox spotted by: @anonymiss_pony and @AnonymousNorth

UPDATE:  @MPLaurieHawn has issued an invitation to engage in “calm, rational discussion” and then refers to Anonymous as the “#InternetTaliban”:


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