What is #INCOM?

We comes from God, I from the Devil.
Yevgeny Zamyatin 

Introduction to #INCOM
written by: Winston, D503, 6Echo

It is clear that the government of the United States no longer acts with the interest of its citizens in mind but rather out of obedience to corporate money and the corrupting greed of Wall Street. America has been hijacked by bankers and lobbyists and it now falls to the people to restore order and freedom. The sole function of #INCOM is the strategic execution of operations which support the American people and aid in the process of returning power to the citizens. We fight with ideas. Our weapon is the truth and our campaign is one of education and awareness. We are subversive. We seek to disrupt and undermine the propaganda spewed forth by the enemies of freedom.

If you agree that true freedom involves freedom for all, join us.
If you believe in justice and universal equality, join us.
If you want to actively participate in restoring democracy, join us.

We are #INCOM and We welcome you!

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